Ephesus Sightseeing, Selcuk Castle

Ephesus Sightseeing Selcuk Castle

The well preserved Byzantine castle stands on the hill of Ayasuluk during 1500 years. As the castle was Selcuk Castle - Ephesus Sightseeinglocated at significant point it was rebuilt and expanded in the Seljukian and Ottoman eras. The main entrance gate of the castle was constructed from the stones of Roman buildings in the 6th century AD.

The castle has 15 towers and is surrounded by rubble stoned city walls reaching to 1.5 km. A church, -built into a former Byzantine church, a small mosque and several cisterns are within the borders of the citadel of Ayasuluk. Also, it was proved from the remaining of sub-mycenean graves belonging to 14th century BC, that the hill was used as a necropolis.

It is built in the Byzantine period and expanded by the Seljukians. The citidal has 15 towers approximately in the length of Selcuk Castle - Ephesus Sightseeing1.5 km and surrounded by the stone ramparts. The citidal also includes the remains of a Byzantine church, a small mosque and several water cisterns.

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