Ephesus Sightseeing, Magnesia

Ephesus Sightseeing Magnesia

The known history of Magnesia (ad Meandrum) dates back to the 11th century BC, by Aeolians from Thessaly.Magnesia - Ephesus Sightseeing Due to the great influence of the Ion Cities around the region, the city of Magnesia was re-constructed by the generosity of Miletos during the 6th BC. Magnesia was governed by the Roman Empire in 129 BC.

The city did not accept the invasion of the King of Pontus, Mithridates in 88-84 BC, preferring to support for the Romans. As a result, Magnesia was granted the title of "free city" during the re-conquering of the region by the Romans. The city was given a special status and reached to its high throughout the era.

Additionally, the city of Magnesia was considered to be the seventh city of Asia. As a seat of bishopric, the city continued its existence during the Byzantine period.

Magnesia - Ephesus Sightseeing Magnesia lost its prior importance from 11th century, continuing to 14th century. Today, the region is not inhabited.

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