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Contact Us Online Turkey Cruise

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Online Turkey Cruise
The website of Online Turkey Cruise Agency is designed for providing information and making your travel arrangements and bookings regarding your holiday in Turkey: hotel accommodation; cultural and biblical tailor made programs for your complete trip in Turkey and Greece, transfers, individual and group requests for daily tours and excursions especially to the world known ancient city of Ephesus and the sacred place House of Virgin Mary.

By making the hotel request, be sure that you provided all the necessary details like the hotel name (if available), dates of check in and check out, preferred pension type, number of the children traveling with you and their age, number of the rooms needed and please consider the cancellation policy while making the hotel reservation. Be aware that making the reservation from December till April, you will get the discount of 10% from the whole amount valid for the whole year.
Requesting a private tour to Ephesus or to any other sites, do not forget to specify the arrival date and time (for example the ship name if you arrive to the Izmir or Kusadasi port and its arrival time), the places you would like or would not like to visit, the numbers of adults and children.

Your safety during the tour is our responsibility guaranteed by TURSAB association, number A 8456 license and travel insurance...

If you would like to customize your daily trip (for customized Ephesus tour please visit the link of " Tailor Made Ephesus Tour" where you can easily draw up your Ephesus tour program) or a Turkey tour, we will be glad to help you with the itinerary, schedule and our best price offer.

If you are going to make a reservation after getting all the necessary information, do not hesitate to fill out the reservation form going direct to our Booking Department:
Our Advertisement Department also accepts requests for the link exchange - we will get back with the reply after studying your inquiry and the web site rating and popularity. Thank you very much and looking forward to meeting you soon in Turkey.

Especially being in Turkey we recommend to visit the ancient Ephesus city being one of the most important cities in ancient Greece and Rome.  The city is still very well preserved and thousand of people are coming every year to feel its magnificent atmosphere. There are a lot of sights in and around Ephesus: Grand Theatre, Celsius Library, Hadrian Temple, House of Virgin Mary, St. John Basilica, Ephesus Museum, Seven Sleepers Cave, Isa bey Mosque etc. Once the capital of Rome's Province of Asia with a population of 250,000 it was famous for its beauty, wealth and decadence as well as its fabulous Temple of Artemis, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. Ephesus tour with the different tour programs is available from Kusadasi port, Izmir port and Izmir airport as well as from Istanbul. Private Tours for groups and individuals at every time, depending on your budget and preference.



To make the payment, you can use the following link of PayPal, just write down the tour name and date of the booking, and press on continue. It is easy!

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Online Turkey Cruise

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